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Invest In MF Through Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund Platform

Zerodha Mutual Fund

Few month’s back Zerodha has started their Mutual Fund (MF) business. You can buy and sell all major mutual funds through Zerodha. Actually just like Kite ( platform this is another platform built by Zerodha. You can access MF platform

Zerodha Kite FAQ – Common Questions Answered

Zerodha Kite FAQ

There was a need for a compilation of Zerodha Kite FAQ OR frequently asked questions. I thought to write a post specifically answering those questions. Zerodha Kite FAQ Q1. What is Zerodha? A1. Zerodha is India’s topmost discount stock broker.

Zerodha Kite Chrome Extension – Simplifying Your Trading

Zerodha Kite Extension

Since the launch of Zerodha Kite, Zerodha is continuously improving the looks, features and accessability of the Kite platform. Now for the normal traders Kite has even become more popular than Pi. This has only happenned due the ease of