Invest In MF Through Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund Platform

Zerodha Mutual Fund

Few month’s back Zerodha has started their Mutual Fund (MF) business. You can buy and sell all major mutual funds through Zerodha. Actually just like Kite ( platform this is another platform built by Zerodha. You can access MF platform through any browser by visiting the following link: In fact this platform is built on our own Zerodha Kite platform. So, I also call it Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund OR Zerodha Kite MF platform.

Now how to access the Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund platform. As written in last paragraph you need to visit Once the page is open you will see LOGIN link. Clicking on the LOGIN link will simply open Kite login option and you need to login with your Zerodha Kite credentials. Once the login is done the page will redirect you to Zerodha Mutual Fund dashboard as shown below:
Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund
Now, you can access the funds area clicking on the Explore Funds option OR check Zerodha’s recommendations in Mutual Fund. Zerodha has a very extensive recommendation section in their Mutual Fund segment. Check the image below to understand how robust is the recommendation section in Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund dashboard. As in the image below Zerodha has recommended 3 funds – Kotak Select Focus Fund, Axis Long Term Equity Fund and Reliance Money Manager Fund where the reruns are shown with a big INVEST NOW button.
Zerodha Kite MF
Clicking on the INVEST NOW button will go to even dipper analysis of the mutual funds with a historical technical chart of the mutual fund given and 3 text areas one to put the SIP amount and the other 2 are the SIT start date and SIT end date. There is a CALCULATE button beside to give you an idea on how much would you have made with SIP between the SIP start and end date.

You will also get a BUY OR SIP option so that you can purchase the mutual funds online using the Zerodha Mutual Fund platform. For further questions please comment below the post, I will try to answer your queries.

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4 Responses to Invest In MF Through Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund Platform

  1. Niruj Lahkar says:

    i apply to buy a mutual fund in 24 feb 2017. but status is pending. when it will be accept or approve ??

  2. ramesh rao says:


    In mutual funds we can invest in MF Regular and MF Direct. in direct MF investment agency commission will not charged to us. I want to know whether through we can invest MF direction option. I want to join your zerodha club but already i have a zerodha account.


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