Zerodha Kite FAQ – Common Questions Answered

Zerodha Kite FAQ

There was a need for a compilation of Zerodha Kite FAQ OR frequently asked questions. I thought to write a post specifically answering those questions.

Zerodha Kite FAQ
Q1. What is Zerodha?
A1. Zerodha is India’s topmost discount stock broker. They started their operation on 2010 and has grown as India’s leading stock broker in a short span of time.

Q2. What is Zerodha Kite?
A2. Zerodha Kite is Zerodha’s HTML5 based trading terminal. Kite does not require any installation. You can simply open in your web browser and access Kite.

Q3. Can Zerodha Kite be installed in desktop OR laptop?
A3. No, Zerodha Kite does not require any installation. You can access Kite through a web browser.

Q4. Can Kite be accessed from mobile phone?
A4. Yes, Kite can be accessed from mobile phones. Zerodha Kite has android app and also IOS app. In windows phone Kite can be accessed through web browser visiting

Q5. Zerodha Pi OR Kite which platform is better?

A5. Zerodha Pi and Kite both are different platforms catering to different set of people. Pi needs installation and hence require a desktop or laptop, while Kite is lightweight can be accessed even from a tab or mobile phone and can be used on the go.

Q6. Can we execute advanced orders like bracket OR cover orders in Zerodha Kite?
A6. Yes, we can execute bracket and cover orders in Kite platform.

Q7. Can we do algo trading OR automated trading in Zerodha Kite?
A7. Yes, algo trading OR automated trading can be done in Zerodha Kite using Kite Connect API.

Q8. Does Zerodha Kite require broadband?
A8. No, Zerodha Kite can be used even on 2G data.

If you find this Zerodha Kite FAQ useful please share this post with your friends. You can access Kite by opening a trading account in Zerodha. To open account CLICK HERE.

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4 Responses to Zerodha Kite FAQ – Common Questions Answered

  1. Sonali says:

    has the investment in IPO facility launched by Zerodha

    • Sonali, you can invest in IPO through Zerodha. Please note your DP details from profile section of Q backoffice. Now, login to your netbaking and apply for IPO, in DP section of IPO application put the zerodha DP details that you noted from Q backoffice.

  2. Chinmay says:

    Hi Indrajit,
    Thanks for being so helpful for the kite users.

    I am not having admin rights on my laptop (issued to me by my office).
    Hence I am using zerodha kite web interface for trading as I am unable to install Pi software on my laptop.
    Could you please help me in finding a way to use “algo trading OR automated trading” using my zerodha kite.

    This is with reference to Q7 above.


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