Why Is Zerodha Kite Supertrend The Best Trailing Stop Loss System?

SuperTrend Zerodha

The Zerodha Kite SuperTrend has created a big hype among traders of India mainly due to its simplicity. In general Zerodha Kite is the simplest ever trading platform that I have used. Previously we used to use trailing stop loss systems like Chandelier Exit OR SuperTrend etc in Metastock OR after 2009 Amibroker became the most popular charting platform in India. But after introduction of Zerodha Kite trailing stop loss in the form of SuperTrend people gradually shifted to Zerodha Kite for trading and also for charting.

Now why Zerodha Kite SuperTrend became so polular?
There are several reasons of Zerodha Kite trailing stop loss indicator became most polular in India.
Zerodha Kite SuperTrend
Reason No. 1: No cost of data. For a long time people was using Amibroker mainly due to indicators like SuperTrend. But after Zerodha has introduced SuperTrend in Zerodha Kite people started joining Zerodha and started using SuperTrend in Kite. No cost of intraday as well as end of day data in Kite in compared to at least Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500 cost per month for data in Amibroker. The data in kite is clean and for equities even you can get continuous data.

Reason No. 2: The Zerodha Kite SuperTrend indicator is exactly matching the formula developed by Olivier Seban due to its created by the engineers of Zerodha whereas in Amibroker there are SuperTrend indicators available by anonymous traders with the formula having no authenticity.

Reason No: 3: Even the Zerodha Kite Trailing Stop Loss indicator is better than other broker’s SuperTrend due to its clear differentiation of buy sell line colours and unique trading arrows. The buy / sell arrow is not available in other broker platforms like Sharekhan TradeTiger OR Angel Speed Pro.

These simple but powerful features have made Kite Super Trend indicator as the highest used intraday trading indicator of India for 2017. To access Zerodha Kite instantly and know more about SuperTrend CLICK HERE.

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25 Responses to Why Is Zerodha Kite Supertrend The Best Trailing Stop Loss System?

  1. Chiguluri Srinivasa Rao says:

    May I know the Super Trend settings (Parameters) used in the chart illustrated in the post … i.e. for “NIFTY MAR 9000CALL” …

  2. Chiguluri Srinivasa Rao says:

    Please let me know the Super Trend “Period” and “Multiplier” details used in this illustration – NIFTY17MAR9000CALL.

  3. Sushil says:

    Hi Indrajit… Are the parameters different for intra day trade and positional trade? If different what they are?

  4. SWAMY says:

    sir where i can view your 5,15 mnts renko charts video .i am new. i ur 3 mnts renko

  5. ashok kumar soni says:

    why i am not being provided super trend , i have opened account one month back.no access to pi .

  6. RB says:

    Hi , I can see lot fake signals using supretrend, are there any particular stocks which you have found in which it gives better signals ?

    • RB, SuperTrend being a trend indicator works best on a trending market and a trending scrip. We teach trend identification technique to our clients. You also can identify a trending scrip if you join under us. For more details check Zerodha Club.

  7. AD says:

    I have opened acc under u , please give me training quitely on identify a trending script

  8. Karthikeyan says:

    Dear sir,
    I opened an account in Zerodha but not mentioned any referral ID. Is is possible to join in your Zerodha club?

  9. Dipayan Dey says:

    Could u provide afl of supertrend formula used in pi as well as kite.

  10. Raja Bhat says:

    how to use trailing stop loss?

    • Raja trail stop loss is available in Bracket Order. By using trail stop loss your stop loss will also move up or down tracking the price. This locks the profit and you can ensure better gains in a trending market.

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